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Sales and Marketing Process Transformation Using CRM

The Challenge:

Ziegler has ten business units within four primary business divisions selling a broad array of financial services and products to different and often overlapping customer segments. Each business unit maintained separate client databases in various formats:

  • Different business units did not share information
  • Sales professionals maintained separate unidentifiable client lists
  • Clients received multiple, repeat communications and sales calls from different business units
  • Firm did not have control over its primary asset – client listing
  • Sales pipelines were non-existent or difficult to assemble
  • Nor formal sales processes
  • Different sales terminology was within each division
  • Cross selling difficult to measure
  • Cross relationship analysis purley anecdotal
  • Sales activities were not recorded
  • Silo nature of businesses

The Transformation

Using Pivotal Financial Services CRM. a strategy was put in place to transform Ziegler into a high performance sales organization by implementing a series of CRM adoption Phases including Contact Management, Activity Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Management and Marketing Automation/Management.

The Result:

With a solid technological foundation in place Ziegler is now poised to leverage the CRM system:

  • Control and manage its primary asset - client listing
  • Centralized data store of all leads, prospects, clients and intermediaries
  • Multiple sales professionals share contacts
  • Activities and interactions are stored creating client histories
  • Opportunity pipelines are reviewed weekly
  • Common sales terminology across the firm
  • Depth and breadth of relationships can be analyzed
  • Silos breaking down in favor of team based relationship management

While Ziegler is progressing through to Opportunity Management, significant work still remains to transform the firm into a high performance sales organization. Specifically, CRM has exposed several outstanding challenges that need to be addressed

  • Adoption of a product to market segment model
  • Creation of repeatable relationship practices
  • Optimization of Business practices to address unmet client needs