PumpkinFire 2K4

An Annual Burn

"One guy smashed a pumpkin, placed it on his head and then began this strange ritual dance around the campfire. That's when all hell broke loose. Who was that animal?"

Kevin Burns, PumpkinFire 2000 Attendee


"I don't know when I got there, nor do I remember when I left. I think I was there for a couple of days. But I may be wrong. I think I may have lost a few days. "

John Lessila, PumpkinFire 1999 Attendee


"You know what I really enjoyed was, like when the pumpkin was burning, you know, and like flames were shooting out of its eyes and stuff. That was really cool"

Anonymous, PumpkinFire 1998 Attendee


"Let it burn baby, let burn!"..."Got any gasoline?"

Bill Bresser, PumpkinFire 2001 Attendee


Kevin Burns, John Lessila, Bill Bresser, Anonymous


A scary evening outside, by the campfire with tall tales, mystery, strange behavior, and for the truly adventureous, camping in October.



Saturday October 23rd, 2004




The Compound
7095 N River Rd
Milwaukee WI 53211




7pm - 2am




Just be there!
If you feel compelled


What to Bring:


Bring your own stuff
  • Beer, wine, or whatever.
  • A carved pumpkin with a candle
  • A tent & sleeping bag - we will be camping out!
  • Oh by the way, eat before you come.



Free: dah!